The Wooden Cross

Work of art for a parish church

A Parish church in Aldershot commissioned in architect to build an ornate cross for its east wall, thanks to an anonymous donation.

And last week a group of young people from the parish carried the cross into the Church of St. Augustine, North Town, where it was blessed the following day by the Venerable John Evans Archdeacon of Surrey.

Before that the 73-year-old east wall of the church had no Christian symbol. But three years ago the anonymous donation - £200 ¬was made for the cross.

The Rev. Brian Goldsmith. Vicar of St. Augustine's said the cross was built from special wooden slats with an Iron framework to give a three dimensional effect

"We wanted the cross to be a work of art rather then just two pieces of wood stuck together." he said.

The cross was fixed to the east wall this week.

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