The Society

St.Augustine's is affiliated to The Society set up to represent those who are, in conscience and based on theological conviction, unable to accept the ministry of women priests and bishops. Although some members of our faith community accept this ministry, for the sake of unity we have placed ourselves under the Society's 'umbrella' and hope to continue to offer a sacramental ministry which all can accept, just as we have since 1994 when the first woman priest was ordained. We will, in accordance with the House of Bishops Declaration, seek episcopal ministry from a Bishop of the Society, just as we have previously been cared for by one of the Provincial Episcopal Visitors. We continue to commit ourselves to Christ's mission in the Diocese of Guildford, the Bishop of Guildford being our ordinary. We are glad that the Church of England has brought in to being a system whereby diversity is maintained and all will be able to flourish in the future.

As an affiliated parish of the Society, we continue to be registered with Forward in Faith, which is now acting as the administrative and financial arm of The Society. The parish also continues to support the work of Forward in Faith Guildford and is keen to offer support to others in the Diocese who may feel isolated or marginalised as members of its 'traditionalist' constituency The main purpose of our affiliation to the Society is so that all may receive the sacramental assurance that has always underpinned our belief that the Church of England is part of 'One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.' The generosity of the General Synod and the House of Bishops has allowed us to continue to maintain that belief.

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