The wandering Calvary and Altar

On the East Wall of the Recess of the North Aisle hangs a Striking Crucifix some five feet tall. This is another Father Douglas 'acquisition' and is sometimes referred to with reverent humour as the 'Wandering, Calvary'. During the Thirties it stood in the North West Corner of the Church. During the late Forties it was suspended from the roof beams to form a 'Rood' surmounting the Sanctuary. In the Sixties it found its present and perhaps (?) its final resting place.




In the North East Corner of St Augustine's a small curtained Lady Chapel was lovingly improvised by Father Douglas when the Blessed Sacrament was first Reserved in St Augustine’s. The improvised Lady Chapel once contained a beautiful carved oak Altar. It had originally been the High Altar of St Albans - a small sister church in the West End of Aldershot. When St Alban's closed in the Thirties Father Douglas "acquired" this Altar to enhance his beloved Lady Chapel. Subsequently the modern Church of the Ascension was built in the West End in 1945. It can be seen there today beautifying the Church of the Ascension and reminding us that the "acquiring" zeal of Father Douglas has helped to preserve historical continuity. The Church Completion Plan of the Fifties necessitated the removal of the curtained Lady Chapel and although a purpose built Chapel was planned lack of funds necessitated its cancellation. Thus St. Augustine’s still awaits its Lady Chapel.......... The black and white photos below show the "wandering Altar" in St. Augustine’s during the Thirties. The colour photo at the bottom shows the same Altar in the Church of the Ascention today.