The East Window

Above the Sanctuary is a modern round stained glass window the only stained glass in the Church.

It is fascinating and striking perhaps even more so after dark. Then, an exterior spotlight shines on to it and all its vivid colours reflect down across the Nave.

The window was installed seventeen years ago when the Church was completed. Obviously there has to be a symbolism in its cascade of colour. To my shame I had forgotten it! Believing that there might be others like myself (plus a completely new generation at St. Augustine’s who cannot be expected to know) I sort the help of Father A.R.T. Rose who was our Vicar when the window was installed. He has been kind enough to write the following for us

"The East Window was designed by Margaret Treherne who was responsible for much of the stained glass in Coventry Cathedral. At first glance, it appears to be merely a bold, but motley, collection of vividly coloured pieces of glass in varying shades of red, orange, blue and pale grey. A longer contemplation, however, will bring home dramatically the message the artist meant to convey namely the work of the Holy Spirit.
The bright red represents the HOLY SPIRIT in His Glory, and from the top of the window, rays appear to pour down upon the rather drab grey below, showing the descent of the Holy Spirit.
Thus we see the Holy Spirit coming down upon His people, and a closer examination will bring to light the fact that here and there amongst the grey are patches of red, indicating the presence of the Spirit in our human life, and in the same way, it will also be seen that wee patches of grey have been "absorbed" into the red at the top, which is a sign of the Holy Spirit taking us into Himself.
The Holy Spirit DOES brighten our drab lives. He does come to us in all His power and might. He does guide us and inspire us.
The window was dedicated on July 1st 1964 to the glory of God and in memory of Henry William Broadhurst”

Thank you, Father Rose. It seems to me that the window is as "prayer provoking" as it is striking.