The Font

The Font originally stood in our Mother Church of St. Michael's, Aldershot. After World War I it was decided that their War Memorial would take the form of a complete refurbishment of the Baptistery Corner of their Church and their existing Font was donated to St. Augustine’s in 1921. It has little artistic merit and even the donors described it as "a poor Victorian specimen with indifferent carving".

The oak font cover is much more attractive and has an even more eventful and fascinating history. During the transfer of the font from St. Michael’s it appears to have been ‘mislaid’. It was located twenty five years later by the incumbent, Father Roger Francis, in an old lumber store in the grounds of St. Augustine’s. It has since been lovingly restored, in 1966, to its former beauty as an act of remembrance to Albert Duffy, an old parishioner of St. Augustine’s.