Coach Lists for St Alban's August 4th (Bishop of Richborough) and Oxford (Pusey House) October 9th are at back of church- £12 each trip or £20 for 2 trips.


Teddy Bears Picnic - July 15th 
Fr Keith has someone to make the tea and squash! Now we need to sort the ‘picnic’ - we need various packs of Mr Kipling ‘fancies’ (or similar cakes), a few loaves of sandwiches suitable for children and a few other items like cocktail sausage rolls and sausages. If you can provide any of these items please sign the list at the back of church.

If you have any young children who would like to come, especially 3-6 year old, their  names should be given to Father Keith.


Christian Aid
Total raised from all sources £165-18. Thank you to those who contributed



Notices to Fr. John, by email please, to

or 01252 622793