Looking Back

Among the charities supported by our recent coffee mornings were Christian Aid, which along with a retiring collection in church raised around £100, In  June we donated £65 towards the work of the Bishop of Richborough and  in July we sent £76 to the ‘Save the Children’ Fund. There has been a decline in our Coffee Morning ’regulars’, which is reflected in the amounts we raise, however let’s remember that every pound we donate is a pound our various good causes didn't have the day before—so keep up the good work and of course  we welcome anyone who would like to come along and join us.

The Parish ’Hog Roast’ in July proved to be very popular, some 80 people attended and we were even able to sit outside in the sun ! The ‘roast’ served by Turners, the Butchers, was once again excellent and much enjoyed by all, along with  more than a few glasses of Pimms, I won’t say how many litres I mixed up!